Cuztom Kraft Afterburner Turn Signal Lens


Custom Kraft is the most unique and bad-ass signal light lens you could put on your Harley Davidson! Easy installation, install in minutes!  These Afterburner style tail lights are available in 3 different colors lens, Amber (orange), Red, Clear, and Smoked.

Super high quality, Made in Australia!


Each kit will come included with a pair of lens (1x left and 1x right)


Product Description

Cuztom Kraft lens replaces OEM HARLEY DAVIDSON PART# 68973-00 (DEUCE STYLE LENS)
Lens Specifications: 2.47″ (60.5mm) in diameter and 3.78″ (96 mm) in length.

Please see below for fitment list of Harley Davidson models that these lens would fit!

  • The Afterburner lens has 30 separate grooves that start from the back of the lens and travel down the length to the front. As light follows this path these grooves add depth, richness and a pulsating of light, creating its own special visual effects never before seen.
  • The lens is made of a special UV resistant material.
  • The bezel has been hard chromed and this allows it to capture the colour and groove of the lens on its inner surface adding to its unique appearance.
  • Once lens and bezel are fitted to the bike they complement it by giving the indicator housing a new shape of its own imitating that of a jet engine in afterburner mode.
  • The molds have been hand polished with 32 different grades of material to give the lenses a super-bright mirror finish.

















Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs

Amber (Orange), Clear, Red, Smoked