Only compatible with our CHYKLA Pipes and the SAMSON USA Cholo Pipes.

Please remember to use lock tight before riding with the tips on, lock tight is not included in the order. Hardware is included in the order.


Product Description

Steady Custom Cycles Exhaust tips are here! This exhaust tips are designed only to fit our CHYKLA pipes and / SAMSONUSA CHOLO pipes.  If you have the Samson Cholo pipes with the removable Fishtail tips, you are able to use our exhaust tips on the Samson pipes!! SAMSON USA is our preferred exhaust due to it’s high quality and loud sound! Steady Custom Cycles makes the “Chykla” slip-0n exhaust pipes with a 1-7/8″ diameter that has a step up of 2.25″ to fit the tips. Please see photos below for reference.  There are 2 styles of straight tips available to order with our company name. The first set is our PISTON TIPS. These have the 3 groves on the tips along with our company name “Steady Custom Cycles”. The other tip style is the STEADY TIP, these tips have the company logo on a clean tip, for those of you who enjoy that clean smooth look but also what to show some support for the people who helped make this possible.

There’s different combination of styles to choose from so those days that you’re tired of 1 style, simply exchange the tips and BOOM! You got yourself a whole new look. Steady Custom Cycles really appreciates the company SAMSON USA and we’ve enjoyed they’re Fishtail tips, therefore SCC will NOT be manufacturing Fishtail tips. If you’d like to order a set of the Fishtail tips you may order a set from Samson USA or order with us over the phone. Please keep in mind that we do not tend to keep these in stock. The lead time offered by Samson would be our lead time.


Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 in

Black, Chrome



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