Hybrid Tradition


If being smooth, old-school, and timeless is what you’re after, look no further! The Steady Custom Cycles Hybrid Tradition handlebar will be sure to fit your steez. There are many classic apes out there, however SCC went the extra step and designed what their own edition of a classic style handlebar.

When ordering, please specify the type of bike and year the item is being purchased for. We may contact you to confirm or verify additional information about your bike and set up to ensure fitment.

Made to order. Production lead time is 2 Weeks.


Product Description


Tradition is a transmission of customs or styles that have been passed down from generation to generation. Steady Custom Cycles Hybrid Tradition handlebar is exactly that, a classic and timeless handlebar that will never go out of style!  The SCC Hybrid Tradition handlebar is the wider slightly version of the SCC Tradition handlebar, however not as wide as the Grand Tradition handlebar.  The Hybrid Tradition is no regular classic apes, the flow and bends are very clean and smooth, giving your bike a key look over any bikes other bikes with apes installed. Made from 1-1/2″ tubing that is tapered down to 1″ on the handle control areas, no welding or unusual joints anywhere on the handlebar, giving it that SCC signature clean and smooth appearance.


Steady Custom Cycle’s complete handlebar line is machined, formed, and finished in the U.S.A, from .120” wall cold roll steel that has been completely TIG welded in every jointed area.  All crucial slots are done for internal wiring, positioning pin for handlebar clamps, and throttle by wire (TBW)! Installation is made simple with our pre-machined features! Like with any SCC handlebars, we could fully customize and build a handlebar to your specifications. Please contact us for more information, lead time, and a price quote. For orders on 1.5″ clamp diameters the bars will not have the knurling (the extra grip added to our SCC Handlebars)  for the risers in order to allow the customer the ability to place the risers at the areas needed to show a clean look. Disclaimer: SCC is not responsible for improper installation, it is recommended to get all products professionally, if not professionally installed.  Our warranty can be found at the bottom of this page.

Steady Custom Cycles Tradition Handlebars Series:

  • Tradition: 89 Degrees Upright Tube Angle (Straight up)
  • Hybrid Tradition: 86 Degrees Upright Tube Angle (Slightly wider on top)
  • Grand Tradition: 83 Degrees Upright Tube Angle (Very wide on top)

Hybrid Tradition Handlebar for Harley Davidson Specs:

  • Available rise: 10″ – 18″ (For custom height please call)
  • Pullback:9-1/2″
  • Width: 40″
  • Tube diameter: 1-1/2″ tapered to 1″ on hand control areas
  • Clamp diameter: 1″ and 1-1/4″  (add $45 for 1-1/4″ and for Road Glide Fitment)
  • Clamp area width end-to-end: 5-1/4″


  • Simple but unique and custom design.
  • Sturdier and stronger than OEM handlebars
  • Internal wiring ready
  • Pre-Machined slots for Throttle-By-Wire (TBW) and clamp positioning pin (Road Glide Fitment)
  • Will work with hydraulic or cable clutch

Additional Parts Required (Not included, sold separately):

*Actual length varies with select handlebar height and riser height*

  • Extended Clutch Cable/Line
  • Extended Throttle Cable (for non-TBW)
  • Extended Control Wires

If your bike has two-piece top/upper handlebar clamps, single solid top/upper clamps are *required* to run all handlebars with a rise of 12″ and higher. We also highly recommend upgrading the main riser bolts to grade-8! Solid or stiffer (polyurethane) handlebar bushings are also highly-recommended.  These recommendations are for your safety, do it once, do it right!


Note: Product photos shows Steady Custom Cycles Hybrid Tradition Handlebar with 18″ rise in a chrome finish.



Steady Custom Cycles 18″ Hybrid Tradition handlebars shown installed below on Tommy C. 2009 Road King.

WARRANTY: All of our handlebars are warranted against defects in material and/or workmanship for a period of 90 days. This does NOT cover finishes such as plating, or painted surfaces with discoloration or rust. This warranty shall be limited to the repair or replacement of the part, which may be proven defective under normal use. We will not warranty any parts that has been abused, misused, improperly installed, modified, or damaged during impact (scrape the ground, tool marks, accident, etc). Please have the bars professionally installed by an official SCC dealer to keep the warranty active. It is recommended to have all our products installed professionally at a city certified shop.

NOTE: Steady Custom Cycles recommends upgrading riser bolts to GRADE 8 for all handlebar installs. For 14” and taller bars, we recommend changing any independent (separate risers, commonly on 2009 and below) to solid top clamps on the riser. For any bars over 18”, we recommend changing the risers to beefy solid risers. Custom handlebars are not exchangeable and non-refundable. Custom orders are tailor made for a specific customer’s needs/requests. This applies to custom heights, diameter, and bends. Customer will be advised by manufacturer but will ultimately be made using the customers specifications.

Additional Information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 40 x 20 x 30 in

12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″


Chrome, Gloss Black

Clamp Diameter

1″, 1.25″, 1.5″, O.G. SPRINGER RISER


Softail/Bagger, RoadGlide/SpringerSoftail