Touring/Bagger Slip-on Pipes Mounting Kit


Steady Custom Cycles Slip-on Pipes Mounting Hardware Kit for Baggers/Touring bikes. These spacers are necessary to mount your lip on pipes so that they are straight and leveled. Without the proper mounting kit, damages to your pipes could occur!


Product Description


Steady Custom Cycles pipe mounting hardware kit. This mounting kit is needed for bagger/touring bikes that would like to run Steady Custom Cycles slip-on pipes, such as the Fishtail, Sharkfin, Straight Pipes, Slash Cut, etc. The mounting kit will also accept other brands of pipes as well. The spacers are 1″, it will level/straighten out the pipes with most headers.

  • 4x Steady Custom Cycles Chrome 1″ Spacers
  • 4x 3/8″ Nylon Locking Flange Nuts
  • 4x 3/8″ Grade 5 Bolts

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs