Collection: EXHAUST TIPS


Only compatible with our CHIKLA Pipes, MEGAPHONE Pipes, & FAT Pipes

Please remember to use lock tight before riding with the tips on, lock tight is not included in the order. Hardware is included in the order. 

Steady Custom Cycles Exhaust tips are here! This exhaust tips are designed only to fit our CHIKLA PIPES, FAT PIPES & MEGAPHONE Pipes.  Steady Custom Cycles makes the "Chikla" slip-0n pipes with a 1-7/8" diameter that has a step up of 2.25" to fit the tips. Please see our SCC CHIKLA Pipes page for reference.  The "Megaphone" slip-on pipes are 1-7/8" at the first 28" then start to taper open into 2.25" for the tips to fit at the ends.  Our "Fat" slip-on pipes are 2.25" all the way through except for the first 1.5" that will connect to the head pipes. Like all our slip-ons we make sure to make the connection to the head pipes the diameter needed in accordance with what year and model your bike is and what header brand you will be using.  Please know that our exhaust tips are only made to fit our slip-on pipes and if it fits another company's slip-ons, it is only a coincidence.  We do not make tips to fit any other company's pipes and we are not looking to make tips for any other brand at this time.  If  you get tired of the straight tips, switch it out for a set of Fishtail tips. If you are surrounded by Fishtails, stand out from the crowd with our patented Sharkfin 2.0 tips. If you want a classic old school look, check out our Batique tips. If you are looking for performance with a hint of style, look over our Steady tips, Piston tips, "Diamond Cut" tips, and Slash Cut tips. If you like the style but want to change the color, we have CERAKOTE BLACK and CHROME and special order GOLD PLATED. (Gold plating costs extra). 

Warranty: Steady Custom Cycles offers a year warranty on manufacturing errors on all our parts. Steady Custom Cycles do not offer warranty finishes of chrome, gloss black, gold plating or cerakote black. Any scratches, dents, or loss will not be covered, alterations to the products will void the warranty. Warranty will cover the replacement of products that have manufacturing errors. Steady Custom Cycles uses regular steel for our products, we do not use stainless steel or titanium steel. Our tips do NOT fit our SCC Straight pipes, those only come in 2" and 1-7/8" and the tips are intended for the 2.25" Fat Pipes, Chikla Pipes, and Megaphone Pipes.