Collection: Extended Bag Guards and Rails

SCC 4” Extended Bag Guards and Extended Bag Rails are sold as a set. Rails are not sold separately. 4” Extended Bag Guards are sold as a pair and can be purchased with or without the bag rails. SCC 4” Extended Bag Guards are 1.25” in diameter. SCC rails are not compatible with any other company’s bag guards. Please check for clearance issues before purchasing.


  • Slip-on pipes (mufflers) should be under 2.5” in diameter to not touch the guards.
  • extended fender covers may block rail connection.
  • extended side covers may cause clearance issues to bolt on the guards.
  • Softail Guards can be ordered to be compatible with saddle bags or without saddle bags, please pick one because the set that is made for saddlebags has a welded tube that holds the bags, the set without bags is a clean design with no added tubing.
  • Softails can run our rails however Softails will need saddle bag support brackets that are like the “Bagger tail for Softails” support brackets because it will have the bolting area for the rails. SCC rails can not be bolted on without compatible “Bagger tail support brackets”
  • Old School Rear Guards are only compatible with Softails and are not intended for use with bags