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1-7/8 Chrome Muffler Clamps

1-7/8 Chrome Muffler Clamps

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Chrome muffler clamps for 1-7/8″ O.D. slip on pipes! These will work with any slip on mufflers that has an outside diameter of 1-7/8″. Even if it’s a simple muffler clamp, all the details matters! These muffler clamps and slim and strong! All parts are chrome finish! Sold in pairs!

1-7/8″ Chrome slip-on pipe clamps. These clamps will allow you to secure any Steady Custom Cycles slip-on pipes, such as the Fishtail, Sharkfin, Straight Pipes, Slash Cut, etc. to your head pipes/headers. These chrome clamps are slim, strong, and great looking!

  • 2x 1-7/8″ I.D. Chrome Muffler Clamps
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