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Steady Custom Cycles Slip-On FAT Pipes are crafted to the highest quality possible! True show quality! The FAT pipes does not have any type of baffling, they are indeed loud! These pipes have the ability to change the style of the exhaust tips. SCC offers different style tips to be able to exchange. FISHTAIL TIPS, SHARKFIN TIPS, BATIQUE TIPS AND SLASH CUT TIPS ARE SOLD SEPRATELY. To add baffles please call in your order, there is an added fee of $50 for the baffles. 


SCC FAT Pipes specs:

  • Diameters: 2.25″
  • Lengths: 36”, 39”, 40”, 42”
  • Exchangeable tips (different styles available: steady tip, piston tip, diamond cut tip, sharkfin tip, fishtail tip, batique tip, and soon to come slash cut tip.)
  • Additional hardware is needed (sold separately), please see below for more information.
  • Pipes comes with 1 pair of straight exhaust tips in chrome. (on the follow up confirmation email please let us know what style you'd like or if you prefer black for the exhaust tips). Extra fees are charged for Fishtail/Sharkfin/Batique/Slash Cut tips.
  • 24K Gold plated exhaust tips are available for order for an added fee of $200

Custom lengths are available, please contact us for special ordering!

Machined, formed, and finished in the U.S.A!

True Dual headers are required in order for the pipes to work.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR EXHAUST TIPS: Please use a 4mm hex key (or Allen Wrench) to unscrew the tips and add lock tight to the bolts in order to prevent the exhaust tips from loosing up and falling off during use.

ALL PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER (Current lead time 3 weeks)

Softail SCC BEEFY Brackets and Softail Mounting Kit are sold separately (sku: SCC-1017) 

SCC Bagger Mounting Kit is Sold Separately (sku: SCC-1025-BAGGER)

Softail: For SOFTAIL with Bassani Header Pipes please be sure that you are not using the BASSANI POWER CURVE MODEL. This model of dual exhaust has an extra bend on the right side head pipe and throws off the placement of slip-ons. It is possible to level the slip-ons however with this specific model the process will be extremely time consuming and remember to loosen up all the bolts the whole head pipe system and the mounting brackets to line up the slip-ons. Like all our products we recommend getting the parts installed by a professional. 

Pipes Warranty:  Our slip-on pipes and tips are warranted against defects in material and/or workmanship for a period of 90 days. The following models are not covered by our warranty 1997-2008 Touring/Bagger. Our warranty does not cover finishes such as plating, or painted surfaces with discoloration or rust. This warranty shall be limited to the repair or replacement of the system, which may be proven defective under normal use. We will not warranty any system that has been abused, misused, improperly installed, modified, or damage during impact (scrape the curb, accident, etc.). Intended for use with stock engine only. If shock absorbing spacers were recommended for your Touring bike, please switch out the spacers to the recommended set or else cracking in the pipes may occur, if this is not followed the warranty will be voided. Please use lock tight on the exhaust tips. Replacement will be charged for full price of new set or single piece for lost or damaged tips. Steady Custom Cycles muffler pipes are ornamental and not intended to improve performance. Warning: Warranty not valid if parts are not installed by approved SCC Vendor.
NOTE: Steady Custom Cycles Pipes does not have heat-shields, the pipes are 100% visible. Discoloration on the pipe could occur if the engine is not tuned. Tuning your bike is highly recommended when changing the pipes out.
DISCLAMER: California Warning: The California Air Resources Board (“CARB”) does not permit the use of aftermarket exhaust systems that remove or alter OEM emission control devices unless certified by CARB, other than for racing vehicles on closed courses. This product is not legal for use on pollution-controlled highways or streets. Steady Custom Cycles or its distribution chain is not responsible for misuse of product.
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